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Noreva Cicadiane Face and Body Cream Soothing and Repairing Care 40 mL


Noreva Cicadiane Face and Body Cream Soothing and Repairing Care 40 mL  has been developed by expert dermatologists to ensure protection, hydration, rapid and optimal restoration of the skin barrier following epidermal alterations various: damaged, irritated, sensitive skin, post aesthetic procedures, post interventions, etc. Its fluid texture facilitates spreading and limits feelings of discomfort during application.


The skin is our first protection from the outside. At any age, many situations (cuts, burns, cosmetic procedures, etc.) can lead to its weakening, thus making it more reactive to external aggressions, with possible skin damage. New generation of protective repairing care integrating a unique and patented combination of Dermaseptin and Hyaluronic Acid, the Cicadiane® range restores the protective barrier film of the epidermis in any situation and ensures optimal hydration and restoration of areas that have undergone various alterations. The skin regains its aesthetics and natural suppleness.


New generation of skincare incorporating a patented complex

Penetrates quickly

Easy and pain-free application

Silver Ion / Hyaluronic Acid Patent

Optimal scar reshaping

Protects the skin by limiting bacterial proliferation

Baby, child, adult formula

High tolerance formula

Tested under dermatological control

Results: rapidly regenerated skin, repaired and sustainably nourished skin, quickly calms feelings of discomfort

How to use:

Apply the soothing repairing care to the affected area, which has been cleaned beforehand

>3 years of age: apply once or twice a day 

<3 years: apply once a day

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40 ML

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